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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to common questions below.


What is JustGo North Lincs?

JustGo North Lincs is an on-demand bus service operating for people travelling in North Lincolnshire.  Passengers book and pay directly from their smartphone through the JustGo North Lincs mobile app and, using the latest technology, track the bus in real-time to the meeting point of choice. 

JustGo is a fast and low-cost way to connect people to places around North Lincolnshire, or in and out of Scunthorpe, with prices from just £2.50 for a single trip and discounts for children.  Rides can be booked four weeks in advance up until the day of travel through the app or by telephone, and are provided by North Lincolnshire Council in partnership with East Yorkshire, part of the Go-Ahead Group.

Where can I travel?

JustGo operates across North Lincolnshire and provides reliable travel options for people wanting to travel around the area, where there are no regular bus services.

 Are there limits to where I can travel?

Passengers can use JustGo within North Lincolnshire, but we encourage the use of existing bus services where available for a regular, sometimes quicker, journey.

As there are many regular buses in and around Scunthorpe, JustGo cannot be used to travel between two meeting points in the area shown on the zone map.  Passengers are welcome to travel into and out of this area where there is no regular bus service.

There are some other areas where bookings cannot be made because they follow the route of a regular bus service.  If you are travelling from these areas to a place where a regular bus does not travel, you will still be able to book.  These areas are shown when booking and are between Ulceby and Barton-upon-Humber, Barton-upon-Humber and Scunthorpe, Brigg and Scunthorpe, and Messingham and Scunthorpe. View the zone map.

 When can I travel?

7am-7pm Monday to Friday
8am-6pm Saturday
JustGo will not operate on Sundays and most public holidays

Rides can be booked on the JustGo North Lincs app at any time. Telephone lines are open during JustGo operating hours (excluding public holidays).

I live outside the JustGo area. What can I do?

JustGo only operates within the area shown, serving North Lincolnshire. If you want to travel within this area but live outside, we suggest you make personal travel arrangements to reach your closest meeting point within the operating zone.

How accessible is JustGo North Lincs?

We have made every effort to make JustGo North Lincs accessible for all passengers. Buses have wheelchair spaces on board which can be booked through the JustGo North Lincs app or by calling 01482 381 710. All our drivers are highly trained and are willing to offer extra support at your meeting point or destination. We welcome assistance dogs on board at all times. If you have a specific requirement or want to request a meeting point closer to your home to assist with accessibility, Contact Us.

Booking a ride

How do I book?

Book your ride by downloading the JustGo North Lincs app, available from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Using the app allows you to quickly see your closest meeting point, book and pay for your ride, and track your vehicle in real-time. Rides can also be booked by telephone on 01482 381 710.

Can I request a ride with multiple stops?

To help make rides as efficient as possible, passengers cannot add multiple stops.

When can I book?

Book your ride four weeks in advance up to the day of travel. The earlier you make your booking, the more likely there will be a seat. We recommend rides are booked at least one hour in advance.

Can I repeat my rides?

Yes, you can block book repeat rides for up to 7 days at a time.

What is a meeting point?

A meeting point is like a virtual bus stop and is a short walk from where you want to be picked up, usually just a few minutes away. This may be a common meeting point for multiple pick-ups in busy areas, so there may be others at the same meeting point. There are hundreds of meeting points across North Lincolnshire and most of these are not marked bus stops.

I live outside the JustGo area. What can I do?

JustGo only operates within the area shown, serving North Lincolnshire. If you want to travel within this area but live outside, we suggest you make personal travel arrangements to reach your closest meeting point within the operating zone.

What if my meeting point isn’t suitable?

If a meeting point doesn’t look suitable, get in touch so we can investigate. This could be if it is too far to walk from your home or it is inaccessible for a bus and we will see if we can change the meeting point.

What if there is no ride available for when I want to travel?

The JustGo North Lincs app will suggest earlier and later time options for you to travel. If you’re booking by telephone, we’ll offer alternatives.

How many seats can I book per ride?

You can book up to seven seats per trip, subject to availability on board.

Will I receive a booking confirmation?

Yes. When booking a ride, you will immediately receive a booking confirmation within the app, with an estimated pick up and drop off time. This time may vary slightly, within a few minutes either side of the estimated time. Your final pickup time will be confirmed through the app, and by text message, 30 minutes prior to the pickup time. Telephone bookings will receive a text or email to confirm this same information, if these contact details are provided.

Will I get a receipt?

Yes. You will automatically receive your receipt by email when you make payment.

How can I be sure I'm being picked up by the correct bus?

When you receive your ride confirmation, you will be informed of your ride’s bus identity in the form of a letter A-H - this letter will be clearly displayed on the front of the bus when it arrives at your meeting point. Your ride confirmation will also give the name of your driver, and they will check your booking details when you board for peace of mind.

Can I cancel my ride?

You can cancel your ride through the JustGo North Lincs app or by calling us. If you cancel more than 24 hours ahead of your allocated pick up time, you will be refunded in full. If you cancel within 24 hours of your ride, you will not be refunded.

We ask all passengers no longer intending to travel to cancel their ride as soon as possible, to help other passengers have a quicker ride.

What happens if I don’t show up?

Not showing up for your ride at the time allocated will delay the ride for other passengers and may mean they get to their destination late. We understand circumstances can change, so we offer free cancellations up to two hours before the allocated pick up time. Passengers who do not show up or are late will be charged in full. Frequent cancellations or not showing up for bookings may result in your account being suspended.

What if my bus is late?

We will make every effort to be at your meeting point on time but occasionally circumstances out of our control may cause a delay. You can use the app to keep updated on the bus arrival time.

How much does it cost?

JustGo uses a pricing structure based on the distance between your meeting point and destination. This is displayed when booking on the JustGo North Lincs app or given when booking over the phone. Fares start from £2.50 for single adult rides with child prices for under 16s.
Concessionary pass holders travel free – register your concessionary pass in the JustGo North Lincs app then book as normal or book by calling 01482 381 710. You will need to show your driver your pass when boarding. Concessionary pass holders are still required to cancel rides if travel plans change, and this can be done through the app or by telephone up to two hours before the allocated pick up time.

How do I pay for my ride?

You will be able to pay securely by debit or credit card within the JustGo North Lincs app or when booking by telephone. Payment cannot be made on the bus or with cash.

What will my bus look like?

Buses are blue Mercedes-Benz minibuses clearly marked with the JustGo North Lincs branding. Buses will display a letter on the front – this will match the letter given on your booking confirmation.

On-board experience

What facilities are there on board?

Buses are equipped with free WiFi, USB charging ports and comfortable seating with seatbelts. Buses also have a wheelchair space with access ramp.

Can children travel on board?

Yes, children can travel on board, and booster seats are available for smaller children. Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a passenger 13 years or above. Children 10 years or older can travel independently. If children are travelling on their own, we recommend an app booking is made on the device they will be travelling with to ensure they receive notifications about the trip, however a person must be at least 13 years of age to be a registered user of the JustGo North Lincs app.

Can I book a trip for my child to travel?

Yes, an adult can book a trip for their children using the app or hotline. This can be by booking a trip with your child as a companion (if you plan to travel with your child), or you can book on behalf of a child (when you don't intend to travel with them) assuming they meet the minimum age requirement. While not mandatory, we do recommend the child carries the mobile device and app with them, in order to receive notifications and updates about their ride.

Can I board with a buggy or pram?

Yes, though we would kindly ask all of our customers to keep the dedicated wheelchair space free, which means we may ask you to fold and store your buggy or pram on some occasions. We want to ensure our services are as inclusive as possible and we appreciate your assistance in permitting those with wheelchairs, prams and buggies to use our buses. We also ask that gangways are kept clear.

Can I bring big items like bikes, e-scooters and mobility scooters on board?

No, due to limited space on board we cannot carry bikes, e-scooters or mobility scooters. If you're travelling into Scunthorpe, why not take advantage of Shopmobility, North Lincolnshire Council's wheelchair and mobility scooter hire service? It's free to use (donations are welcome) for anyone with a mobility problem and is based in Scunthorpe bus station. Full details, including registering in advance, are on the North Lincolnshire Council website.

How can I provide feedback on my ride?

Passenger feedback helps us improve your service, so we ask for feedback at various stages when using the JustGo North Lincs app. You can also give specific feedback on the “About” page in the app, which sends feedback to us by email. After you complete a trip, you will be prompted through the app to give a ride rating (one to five stars) to help us have an overview of ride satisfaction.

We can also take feedback by telephone, email, live chat or on our social channels – see Contact Us.

What do I do if I have left something on a bus?

We encourage you to carefully check you have all your personal belongings upon arrival at your destination.  However, if you have left something on board, please get in touch via email or telephone – see Contact Us.  We’ll then try and reunite you with your lost item as soon as possible.

Your role as a customer

Circumstances can change

JustGo North Lincs' goal is to provide everyone with the best and most equal service possible. We understand that sometimes unexpected things can happen which require you to cancel a ride, and we refund passengers who cancel up to 24 hours before the allocated time. However, frequent cancelling or not showing up for bookings may result in your account being suspended, as this may mean other passengers may miss out on the service.

Help make everyone’s ride an enjoyable one

Customers are asked to:

  • Have a valid and confirmed booking prior to boarding
  • Fasten seatbelts while on board
  • Remain seated until the bus has stopped moving
  • Refrain from speaking to your driver when they are driving
  • Be considerate when travelling with food and drink – hot food should not be consumed and hot drinks should be in a container with a spill-resistant safety lid
  • Take any rubbish and your belongings with you

Customers should not:

  • Soil or damage the bus
  • Smoke, take drugs or drink alcohol on board
  • Behave in an offensive manner or use any offensive language towards other customers or your driver
  • Intentionally interfere with the comfort or safety of other passengers

Can I travel with animals?

We welcome and encourage assistance dogs on board. Other dogs (or small animals) are also permitted, but only one is allowed on board at a time. Animals on board must be well behaved and of no danger or nuisance to other customers our employees. We ask you to comply with any reasonable instruction given by your driver whilst you and your animal are on board.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Is JustGo North Lincs operating as usual during the pandemic?

JustGo is running its usual service hours with the same number of buses as normal. All payments must be made in advance to reduce contact with drivers and to limit handling of cash.

Who can travel?

There are currently no restrictions on who can travel. Please check the latest UK Government guidance before travelling at

Do I have to wear a face covering?

Although face coverings are no longer a legal requirement on buses, we are encouraging everyone to wear one out of consideration for our drivers/other passengers as Covid-19 rates are high in our area. Remember, some are exempt for medical reasons so please be considerate to others: find out more.

What do I need to know before travelling?

Hand sanitiser: You should wash your hands or use hand sanitiser before and after every journey. We provide hand sanitiser on buses and ask you to use it before taking your seat. It is also good practice to carry your own hand sanitiser with you at all times.

Social distancing: Please remember some passengers may want to be given space. Let others off the bus before boarding. Do not travel if you feel unwell.

Food and drink: In line with government advice, we currently ask you to not consume any kind of food or drink while on board.

Extra cleaning: We have enhanced cleaning regimes, with cleaning of high touch points such as handrails and seats a priority.  We also use regular disinfectant ‘fogging’ of buses to ensure nowhere is missed.

I have a disability – is my ride affected?

If you have a disability and need assistance, or have a sight impairment and want help finding the nearest available seat, your driver is there to help as normal.  If you have specific requirements, Contact Us.

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